An object-oriented GUI library for Starbound

Project Page

Examples for general usage are available in GUI and Binding

If you want to create a custom component, details are available in Component


penguingui.align Alignment enum
Binding Adds listeners or bindings to objects.
GUI Base handler for all the GUI stuff.
PtUtil Utility functions.


Button A clickable button.
CheckBox A check box.
Component Superclass for all GUI components.
Frame A window.
HorizontalLayout Lays out components horizontally.
Image An image.
Label A text label for displaying text.
Line A line.
List A scrollable list
Panel A group of components.
RadioButton A radio button
Rectangle A rectangle.
Slider A slider
TextButton A button that has a text label.
TextField An editable text field.
TextRadioButton A radio button with text.
VerticalLayout Lays out components vertically.
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